Me and my girlfriend had been dating 2 years when we finally got a flat together. Everything was going good until I met Anna. She was our married neighbour and in her late twenties. She started seducing me when my girl wasn’t around and in no time we started fucking. She was older and she gave me some of the best sex I’d ever experienced. The problem was she was a bit too extreme at times. One day she put my cock in chastity which meant I had to withhold sex with my gf. She just found it funny and made me suck her strap on before her husband got home.

She was crazy but I was hooked. I kept seeing her. One day she said she’d give me the key to my “clitty cage” if I let her dress me up as a girl. At first I refused but I didn’t have much choice to be honest, so I changed my mind and said yes. She made me look so girly then said we were going out! I told her no but then she took pictures of me and said unless I want my girlfriend finding out then I better obey! She dragged me to some dodgy looking video store.

A lot of guys were staring at my crossdressed body. I had a short skirt, huge heels on and so much makeup. I looked like a prostitute. Anna took me into a bathroom stall and forced me to my knees. The next thing I know a cock appears from the bathroom stall next door. I try to escape but Anna starts phoning my girl. “Ok ok I’ll stop escaping!!”. She smiles and and tells me to suck the cock. Reluctantly I take it in my mouth. I hear a moan of pleasure from next door. This is unbelievable. Anna whispers to me that I need to get into the blow job more or she’ll tell the world what a sissy slut I am.

I decide that I have no other choice so I might as well try make him cum faster. I start licking his rock hard cock the best I can. I suck and lick his balls just like Anna had done to me only a few weeks ago. I noticed Anna was video recording the whole thing but it didn’t make a difference. I gave this stranger the best sloppy blow job I could and eventually he started cumming all over my sissified face. I swallowed some of it and it actually tasted quite good. I ended up eating the rest of it that was on my face.

Anna was impressed with me. The guy from next door came round and kissed Anna! It was Alan her husband! He spoke to her, “she was amazing honey, where did you find her?”. Anna responded saying, “I’m glad you think so, she’s from closer than you would think honey! I’ll keep training her until she’s ready to go all the way”… shit

This is like my absolute favourite fantasy 😍😍


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